Falcor 9505 is an effective corrosion & scale inhibitor for closed-loop water circulating systems, which has been especially designed for systems using Demineralized water.


Corrosion Inhibition:

Falcor 9505 contains Phosphonate and anticorrosion metal salts, together with Ferrous and non-ferrous protecting chemicals. It protects metals from corrosion based on Cathodic and Anodic protection.

Scale Control:

Using threshold effect, Falcor 9505 can prevent scales from generating by penetrating and destroying their crystalline form, which suspends the scaling molecules and thus, prevents under-deposit corrosion.


Dosage of the chemical depends on system conditions and may vary from 800 to 1200 ppm. The optimum dosage of the chemical will be recommended by Falizan Tasfyeh experts.


Falcor 9505 can be used both in concentrated and diluted form. It is better to inject Falcor 9505 with dosing pump in the suction line of circulating pump; however it can be injected in the expansion tank. Storage containers and applied devices such as dosing pump and junction parts must be S.S.316 or 304- PVC-PP-PE; natural and synthetic rubber.

Measuring Method

The optimum dosage shall be calculated based on total Phosphate and Molybdate factors, multiplied by Falizan Tasfyeh’s coefficients.


Using safety dress, gloves, shoes, and glasses in the time of moving the chemical is mandatory.


In 250 Kg drums

  Physical and Chemical properties
Appearance Pale yellow liquid
pH 11-11.5
Density in 20 °C 1.15±0.05
Water Solubility Completely Soluble