About Us :

Falizan Tasfyeh Co. Ltd.

Falizan Tasfyeh Co. Ltd.

Falizan Tasfyeh Co. Ltd. has been established a manufacturing company in the fied of water treatment industry in 1978 in Iran.

The company has expanded its activities in 1984 to produce water treatment chemicals, and in 1990, with the establishment of technical R&D aiming at the production of knowledge-based chemicals to cover a wide range of requirements used in various industries, such as Oil and gas, petrochemical, industrial water and sewage, municipal water, sewage systems, mineral processing, steel production, pulp and paper, and some household products.

Falizan Tasfyeh Co. Ltd. has long been known to produce chemical raw materials and their specialized use in manufacturing consumer products for the oil, gas, petrochemical, power plant and water treatment industries.

In recent years, the company has been able to produce and supply raw materials and stable quality products using industrial production facilities, along with scientific research and development capabilities, and has optimized the formulation based on the customers’ specific needs.

We are proud with to rely on our local technical knowledge, professional staff and engineers with advanced, functional and essential products one launched into the market.

Falizan Tasfyeh Co. Ltd. is an international scientific and professional company which, based on many years of experience and scientific studies is ready to meet the challenges facing your industry and increase industrial strength with its advanced formulation.

Some certifications of the company:

– ISO 14001 :2004
– OHSAS 18001 :2007
– ISO 9001 :2008
– ISO/TS 29001 :2010