TETHMP has strong properties of scale and corrosion inhibition and high thermal stability. TETHMP is a strong complexing agent with high dissociation degree in water, and can form a stable complex with Ca2+, Mg2+ and other metal ions. In addition, TETHMP can form stable adduct with active oxygen compound (e.g.H2O2, etc.) to keep stability of active oxygen. As water quality stabilizer, it can be used to prevent scale in industrial circulating cooling water, dyeing water, low-pressure boiler feed water. It also used as precious metal extraction agent, metal ions equispaced agent in electroplating industry, scale inhibitor of metal surface phosphate treatment system, cleaning agent of metal surface.


Item Index
Appearance Light yellow to amber transparent liquid
Active content (as salt) 35.0min
Active content (as acid) 25.0min
pH (1% water solution) 10.0-11.0
Density (20℃) g/cm3 1.20-1.30
Ca sequestration (mg CaCO3/g) 250min
Total phosphorus (asPO43-)% 20.0min

TETHMP can be used as scale inhibitor, efficient chelating agents, excellent barium sulfate scale inhibitor, which is widely used in cooling water treatment, peroxide bleaching stabilizer, detergent additives, municipal industrial clean water, geothermal water treatment and oilfield scale inhibitor.

Package and Storage:
200L plastic drum, IBC (1000L), customers’ requirement. Storage for ten months in shady and dry place.

Safety Protection:
Alkaline, avoid contact with eye and skin, once contacted, flush with water.