Properties and Usage:
EDTMP.Na5 is a neutral product. It is nitrogenous organic polyphosphonic acid, which is a part of cathodic corrosion inhibitor. EDTMP.Na5 can be fully dissolved in water, innocuous and none pollution to environment, has good chemical stability and thermal tolerance. EDTMP.Na5 has good scale inhibition property under temperature 200℃. EDTMP.Na5 can dissociate into 8 positive-negative ions, thus can chelate with more than two metal ions to form more than two polymer reticulation complex, the complex can be quickly dissolved in water to destroy the normal crystallization of calcium scale. EDTMP.Na5 shows better scale inhibition effects to calcium sulfate and barium sulfate.
EDTMP.Na5 can be used as scale and corrosion inhibitor for circulating water and boiler water system, chelating agent in non-cyanide electroplating, water-softening agent in dyeing industry, etc.


Item Index
Appearance Amber transparent liquid
Active content (as EDTMPA)% 24.0-26.0
Active content (as EDTMP.Na5)% 30.0-32.5
Chloride (Cl-) % 2.0 max
Density (20℃) g/cm3 1.15-1.30
pH (1% water solution) 6.0-8.0

Package and Storage:
200L plastic drum, IBC (1000L), customers’ requirement. Storage for ten months in shady room and dry place.