Para-Falsorb, solid paraffin inhibitor, is a high-strength controlled-release additive that slowly desorbs from the proppant pack to provide immediate and long-term protection against paraffin deposition. Para-Falsorb treatments minimize the risk of lost production and can significantly delay expensive interventions in deepwater and ultra-deepwater wells. Like our other Falsorb products, the Para-Falsorb product delivers multiyear inhibition.
Falsorb family of solid specialty chemicals safely and efficiently inhibits downhole deposition or tubular damage with slow-releasing and long-lasting chemicals that are adsorbed onto a solid substrate that is specially engineered for high-pressure deepwater environments and then pumped deep into the formation.


Item Index
Appearance Off-white to tan solid granules
Odor Mild
Typical maximum temperature Scale-Falsorb 204°C
Density (20℃) g/cm3 2.4-2.7

The amount of Falsorb material added to the proppant is based on crush and conductivity tests done in preparation for the job, and on the desired life of the treatment. When the well begins to produce, the scale inhibitor slowly desorbs into the water phase of the production, inhibiting scale deposition in the near-wellbore area and tubing. Because the product is dry and inert, it will not contribute to chemical runoff if spilled. This is environmentally preferable to conventional liquid additives or batch- and continuous-injection liquid chemical systems.