Falcor 9508 is Nitrite-based corrosion and scale inhibitor and also anti-freeze, which conforms with ASTM 1384-1 standard.


Corrosion Inhibition

Using Nitrite and similar compounds in its formula, Falcor 9508 can protect metals like Steel, Copper, Brass, and Iron from corrosion in closed-loop systems.

Scale Inhibition:

Falcor 9508 is able to prevent scaling by using threshold and dispersant effect.

Neutral on Rubber and Elastomers

Falcor 9508 does not have any effect on natural and synthetic rubber, elastomers and polymers, in accordance with ASTM 471.


For optimum control of corrosion, stabilizing a residual1500 to 2000 ppm of Nitrite in total system volume is appropriate. Thus, the chemical can be added up to 5% W/W to the system. This can be done by a proper dosing pump. The injection point should be at the suction of the circulating pump.

Control method

Controlling the amount of Falcor 9508 will be done through measuring the Nitrite anion.


Use safety gloves and goggles while transportation and using the chemical.


Falcor 9508 is sold in 20, 200, or 1000 kg plastic drums.


Should be stored in-door in cool, dry place (10-30 °C). Keep away from direct sunlight. Shelf life of this chemical is 2 years from production date.

Physical and Chemical properties
Bright yellow green Liquid Appearance
11- 11.8 pH (100%)
9.5-11 pH (10%)
≥ 1.11 Density in 15.6 °C
Completely Soluble Water Solubility