Falcor 9507 is an all-organic corrosion inhibitor that has been proved to be useful as a building block for environmentally acceptable water treatment program. 

Falcor 9507 Features / Benefits

Features Benefits
Organic mild steel corrosion inhibitor Effective replacement for nitrite and heavy metal based water Treatment programs used in closed water systems
Synergistic Combination with cathodic inhibitors Cost-effective replacement for molybdate -based water treatment programs
Compatible with Hard water Applicable in wide range of water conditions
Good Biodegradability More environmentally acceptable
Does not form Inorganic deposits, Resinous films or Gums on metals Ensures efficient heat transfer  
No tendency for Nitrosamines Allows for safer, more environmentally acceptable Formulations to be made


The treatment option adopted depends on the water chemistry and metallurgy of the system concerned. Multi- metal protection can be provided in combination with co-corrosion inhibitors such as Azoles for copper ، Brass and. (non – Ferrous Metal)

Closed water systems are those that do not use more than 5% of their total recirculation volume in makeup during the course of a season. Types of closed system are;

  • Chilled water            (5 to 15°C/45 to 55°F)
  • Medium temperature          (65 to 175°C/150 to 350°F)
  • High temperature        (>175°C/350°F).

Good procedure for managing closed cooling systems requires flushing of the system to remove debris (both old and new systems) and cleaning with alkali/detergents and/or acid/chelants followed by passivation using a corrosion inhibitor package.


The dose level of FALCOR 9507 depends on water chemistry with respect to calcium concentration and chloride/sulphate concentration. Under typical closed cooling system conditions, where hardness is <150 mg/l (as CaCO3) and total dissolved solids are <1000 mg/l, FALCOR 9507 is typically dosed at 2000-3000 mg/l (as product) and where is using DI water, it is dosed typically at 1500-2000 ppm. A higher dose rate is requires at higher levels of dissolved chloride/ sulphate as this may interfere with anodic corrosion inhibition mechanism of FALCOR 9507.

Dosage 2000 ppm, monitoring control in grab samples is 30-40 ppm total phosphate (after digestion of product).

Falcor 9507 is effective, all-organic, environmentally acceptable, low toxicity alternatives to these commonly used corrosion inhibitors.


Falcor 9507 is environmentally acceptable and represents a cost-effective alternative to nitrite and molybdate. The anodic-cathodic inhibitor effect works synergistically for optimum performance in aggressive conditions.


FALCOR 9507 is normally supply in 25 kg and 200 kg plastic drums, on pallet or returnable containers of 1000 kg net.

Physical and Chemical properties
Appearance                                                           Clear yellow liquid Density at 25ºC                                                      1.10±0..02   pH(1%) as supplied at 25º C                                  11.0±0.5 pH(100%) as supplied at 25º C                              12.5±0.5    Miscibility in water                                                100% miscible