Corrosion inhibitor: Falcor 9604 forms a protective film on metallic surfaces. It thus prevents general corrosion and pitting.



Falcor 9604 is a powerful antiscaling agent. It suppresses all crystal growth by sequestration and by adsorption on to the crystallization nuclei.


Falcor 9604 adsorbs onto colloids to maintain them in the dispersed state, thus preventing their accumulation in the exchangers or in areas of poor circulation.

-Cathodic protection property:

Falcor 9604 avoids scale formation caused by hardness precipitation, often without any addition of acid.


Falcor 9604 will be injected as supplied or after dilution, preferably by a dosing pump forcing in the system through the suction of the circulation pumps.

The materials of construction of the dosing equipment, pumps, joints, tanks, should be of PVC, polyethylene, Teflon or stabilized 18/8 stainless steel.


The dose rate depends directly on the characteristics of the circuit and the water to be treated .The calco-carbonic equilibrium, the chloride content, the concentration rate, the temperatures encountered at different points in the installation, the speeds of passage are determining elements in defining the dose of Falcor 9604.The generally recommended dose varies between 10 and 60 g/m3 in the circulation water.

At the start of treatment, in order to clean and passive the surfaces, the Falcor 9604 dose should be doubled. In all cases, our Technicians carry out a detailed study on site to define this optimum dose as well as the applications conditions.


Falcor 9604 is compatible with our Biocides, within concentration limits to be defined by our Technical Department.


The concentration in Falcor 9604 is determined by measuring Total phosphate or zinc content.


Falcor 9604 is a concentrated solution which dose not require

Any particular precautions other than protection from frost. Precautions should be observed in use: wearing of gloves and safety glasses during handling.


Non-returnable plastic drums of 25 and 250 kg net and returnable containers of 1000 kg net.


The quality procedures of FALIZAN TASFYEH Co. are recognized as complying with the requirements of standard ISO 9002.


The information contained in this leaflet is given in good faith but no liability is assumed nor is freedom from any patent owned by FALIZAN TASFYEH Co. or others implied.

Appearance                                                           Brown liquid                                           Density at 25ºC                                                     1.222± 0.025 pH(1%) as supplied at 25º C                                   24 ± 0.5 Miscibility in water                                                  Completely