1. Natural Gas Dehydration Hygroscopic nature of TEG is put to use in dehydration of natural gas. TEG is contacted counter currently with natural gas in a packed or bubble tray to remove moisture from natural gas. TEG is subsequently regenerated for reuse by stripping it of its water content.

2. Plasticizer TEG can be effectively used as a plasticizer for Vinyl’s, nitro cellulose, safety glasses. Diesters of TEG gives good low temperature properties and smooth film finishes.

3. Conditioning Agent The affinity of TEG for water is used advantageously in the manufacture of adhesives or pastes to eliminate shrinkage, curling and brittleness.


Physical State:                                   Viscous liquid

Color:                                                 slightly yellow

Odor:                                                  mild odor sweetish odor

pH:                                                     Not available

Vapor Pressure:                                < .001 mm Hg @20 deg C

Viscosity:                                           48 mPas 20 deg C

Boiling Point:                                    285 deg C @ 760.00mm Hg ( 545.00°F)

Freezing/Melting Point:                   7deg C ( 19.40°F)

Autoignition Temperature:             371 deg C ( 699.80 deg F)

Flash Point:                                       165 deg C ( 329.00 deg F)

Explosion Limits: Lower: .              09 vol %

Explosion Limits: Upper: .               01 vol %

Decomposition Temperature:          Not available

Solubility in water:                           soluble in water

Specific Gravity/Density:                 1.121 – 1.125 g/cm3

Molecular Formula:                         C6H14O4

Molecular Weight:                            150.17


Tri-Ethylene Glycol is packed in Bulk or in new MS Drums (225- kg net weight.)